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Advantages and Disadvantages of online billing software

Advantages and Disadvantages of online billing software
  • February 17, 2020
Online Billing Software

More and more entrepreneurs are switching to online billing. Do you not yet know whether or not you should opt for online accounting? These are the pros and cons.​

​What to look for when choosing a billing program?

When looking for the right program, we should consider several basic factors, such as a friendly interface, built-in help or as many useful options as possible. With some programs, you can not only issue an invoice but also organize daily tasks; for this reason, it is worth first getting acquainted with the possibilities of the available programs and then deciding which services are most important to us and what we are looking for.

Note: some programs are simplified enough to offer virtually no options that save the entrepreneur's time; an example is the need to manually enter the contractor's data or the inability to edit the invoice, which can even extend the time to issue a document.

A completely different option is to use the bank account link with online accounting; this is the case with the accounting systems proposed by mBank; the basic version of the program (allowing, among others, access to e-invoices and other documents around the clock) is free for account holders and significantly speeds up the issuing of invoices or making tax transfers.

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Three things to look out for

These are additional options that are worth paying attention to; they do not appear in every program, but their presence can significantly facilitate the work of the entrepreneur. The first of these services is the so-called task board - it allows us to save upcoming deadlines or projects. This is an extremely useful option because thanks to it we can look at every moment or remember everything. Another option is to monitor the income and costs of orders; this, in turn, will allow us to monitor the company's finances on an ongoing basis. It is best if the program can present us with the current situation using a simple graph; thanks to this, we won't have to spend too much time on detailed analysis.

The third option is the option of placing the company logo on the issued document; it is worth ensuring that the program selected by us is equipped with an invoice personalization service - thanks to this, the chances that the customer will remember our company is much greater. At the same time, remember that the information generated by the program should not violate the document readability principle.

Why is it worth choosing a billing program?

What are the benefits of an online invoice program? First of all, it is worth realizing that thanks to this we do not have to fill in the documents while sitting in the office - we can do it anywhere; we are only limited by having the right device with you and being able to access the network. Secondly - it is a safe solution because access to the program can be obtained only after entering the login and password, and logging in is usually additionally secured. In this case, of course, remember not to give your data to anyone or use them on any online portals.

What are the benefits of an online invoice program? First of all, it is worth realizing that thanks to this we do not have to fill in the documents while sitting in the office - we can do it anywhere; we are only limited by having the right device with you and being able to access the network. Secondly - it is a safe solution because access to the program can be obtained only after entering the login and password, and logging in is usually additionally secured. In this case, of course, remember not to give your data to anyone or use them on any online portals.

Benefits of online billing

If billing is a problem, solve it! Get help in these operations with an online billing program that allows you to create documents easily, intuitively and quickly wherever you are.

To lighten up your work and save valuable time for more productive activities, a billing program can help. Also, if used correctly, the features and reports you create can help you a lot when you need to make important decisions.

Easy and intuitive billing

For most entrepreneurs, invoicing and accounting represent the dark, difficult and mysterious aspects in which they would prefer not to penetrate.

This fear derives the state of anxiety and confusion that is often associated with these subjects.

However, if one analyzes the problem in its parts and uses a small help, issuing an invoice is not as terrible as it seems.

For example, you could get help from billing software to check the status of invoices and payments.

In this way, you will be able to automate many operations and streamline the billing, control and payment procedures.

Furthermore, you can send reminders to request invoice payments whose deadline has already passed without having to resort to calls or embarrassing messages.

Or if there is an error in the invoice and you have already sent it to the customer, you can issue a credit note that corrects the previous document.

Why use an online billing program?

With the passing of time and continuous technological progress, the working rhythms have shortened and so have the times for operations inside and outside the company.

Many processes have been automated and the volume of documents has been significantly reduced.

If before you had to issue an invoice, filling it in manually, sending it by mail, waiting for payment, registering it, printing it and taking it to the accountant (who in turn creates a copy of the document for his records), now just a couple of clicks are needed.

With an online billing program, all you need is the internet connection and the data related to the operation.

In a few minutes, you can create invoices by retrieving customer information (if you have already issued an invoice for these recipients), product features including database prices and apply the percentages you need from the settings so that the calculations are done automatically.

And the long lines to deliver the documents to the accountant? Save time, be comfortable and share data in just a few clicks. What if there are errors? The accountant can correct them directly if you have added him as a user to your account.

The biggest advantages of using an online billing program for your business are:

flexibility, process automation, convenience and speed

autonomation of documents so that it does not have to keep the account

you can access your data wherever you are and from any device (computer, mobile or tablet). This way you won't have to wait to get home to the bill but you can do it when you meet your client or while traveling

personalization of invoices with a personal touch (from the logo to reinforce the brand, to the colors, images or messages to be sent to the customer)

organization and security of data that is kept in order and does not risk losing any documents.

Control of your business at 360 degrees

If you know how to use all the features, the billing program you use will be a valuable ally for you.

Among the features that could help you maximize the potential of your business:

the graphs summarizing the sales and purchases trend and the income and expenditure situation. This information is particularly useful for analyzing the nature and volume of earnings and expenses as well as identifying if there are more profitable months.

create invoice models that are in line with your way of working and allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. You will not want to be one of the many options of your customers but show the added value of your business from the beginning.

Keep an eye on the payment status and urge customers who are late to pay off the debt.


Security and privacy

Your data will always be guaranteed maximum transparency and secure access, as it is our priority to safeguard your information online, which is why we use the 256-bit HTTPS security certificate. Because IT security and privacy are essential to us.


The ease of use and a very versatile and easy to learn graphic interface are the features that differentiate us from all other management software. We have exclusively thought of making the management software user-friendly precisely to facilitate the work even for the less experienced.

Data transfer

You can import customer master data from your old software with the automatic Excel import procedure. Filter lists for faster and more intuitive data visualization and export personal data and invoices in Excel or PDF.

Multiuser access

You can set user-profiles and permissions and you can work simultaneously with your collaborators on the same invoice, transport document or warehouse movement sharing information simply and intuitively. This will allow you to reduce time and reduce the costs of business management.


Simple software allows you to customize your software and make your work enjoyable. You have various graphic work interfaces available and you can customize invoices and transport documents by choosing the shape that best suits your business.

Always updated & fast

It does not need to be installed on your computer. Working in the cloud also means automatically receiving all the latest updates, allowing you to immediately take advantage of the latest upgrades developed by our programmers.


With Simple Software, you produce online invoices, quotes, delivery notes, payment reminders and much more. Also, thanks to Safe in Cloud, you can keep your access accounts, passwords, and private information safe and you will get daily backups of your data on secure servers remotely to make sure you don't miss any important data.

Quick online support

Do you need assistance? No problem! You can contact our Customer Service through the chat that you find directly on the cloud platform or by calling us. Also, inside the software, you will find the assistance button to open a ticket and receive assistance in a very short time. Is it not enough? Discover our guides online now and become an expert user!


The biggest disadvantage of online accounting is that you can no longer do without the internet. If you are not connected, you cannot access your accounting. Also, you unfortunately never have a 100% guarantee that data cannot be hacked online. Reputable accounting software vendors adhere to the strictest security rules and have their online security specialists on top to outsmart hackers daily, but there is still a certain risk. You could also mention the disadvantage that you first have to make paper invoices and receipts digitally to include them in your administration. At the same time, given the handy apps and the sharply decreasing paper flow, this can hardly be considered a disadvantage. Finally, you must count on monthly costs, usually in the form of a subscription where you can choose from various accounting packages. Packages with functions and features that are tailored to the various types of entrepreneurs that exist.


There are free ( open source ) online accounting programs, but if you want more functions or if your accountant is already working with a certain program, you are often tied to a subscription. A program such as Excel or another offline accounting program on a CD-ROM usually only costs a one-off, online accounting often monthly.


Most online accounting programs are well protected with passwords that you need to change regularly, but online accounting is more vulnerable to hackers than accounting on one computer that is not connected to the internet. Your security also depends on your password. So make sure you choose unique and strong passwords and change them regularly. You should also not book online and do internet banking if you work on a public WiFi network. This makes it even easier for hackers to view your passwords and data.


The most useful thing is to work with digitized data in your online accounting program. This means that you have to scan bills that come by mail. That is a bit more work than just typing in the amount and putting the account in a folder for the accountant. On the other hand, he does spend more time with it, because he still has to check this paper shop.

Not offline.

You always need the internet to be able to book and this must be fast and good enough to run your accounting program. This can be inconvenient if you are not always connected to the network at your company or home.


You no longer have control over the security of your data, you have to trust that your software supplier ensures good and safe backups and that your data cannot be viewed by everyone. You must also trust that your supplier regularly updates the software so that your accounting always meets all the rules.