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How to add more Businesses to my existing Account | VatPay

How to add more Businesses to my existing Account
  • Oct 6th, 2021

​ When you first sign up for VatPay, your first business becomes your primary business. If you've been invited to collaborate as an Accountant, Partner, Manager, Contractor etc in VatPay, you can add more businesses or create your own business under the same account. Each business or department that you set up in VatPay will run as a separate entity (independent from each other). No financial information or any team members will be shared between each businesses. The only thing shared between businesses is the same login information.

You can set up as many Businesses or departments as you need, as well as be invited to as many other Businesses run by other VatPay users. For example, another business can invite you as a Contractor in their business in VatPay. You will have the opportunity to setup your own portal (e.g. create your own 1099 Business account) and invoice your clients for all billable time spent collaborating on projects.

In this article we will show you how to create a business or department in VatPay. We will also show you how to invoice your client as a contractor for all your approved time.

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Set Up Multiple Businesses

To setup another business,